This section describes practices to follow when packaging your own models or datasets to be used along with EVA.


Please follow the following steps to package models:

  • Create a folder with a descriptive name. This folder name will be used by the UDF that is invoking your model.

  • Place all files used by the UDF inside this folder. These are typically:
    • Model weights (The .pt files that contain the actual weights)

    • Model architectures (The .pt files that contain model architecture information)

    • Label files (Extra files that are used in the process of model inference for outputting labels.)

    • Other config files (Any other config files required for model inference)

  • Zip this folder.

  • Upload the zipped folder to this link inside the models folder.


Please follow the following steps to package datasets:

  • Create a folder for your dataset and give it a descriptive name.

  • This dataset folder should contain 2 sub-folders named ‘info’ and ‘videos’. For each video entry in the videos folder, there should be a corresponding CSV file in the info folder with the same name. The structure should look like:

  • The videos folder should contain the raw videos in a standard format like mp4 or mov.

  • The info folder should contain the meta information corresponding to each video in CSV format. Each row of this CSV file should correspond to 1 unique object in a given frame. Please make sure the columns in your CSV file exactly match to these names. Here is a snapshot of a sample CSV file:

    The columns represent the following:
    • id - (Integer) Auto incrementing index that is unique across all files (Since the CSV files are written to the same meta table, we want it to be unique across all files)

    • frame_id - (Integer) id of the frame this row corresponds to.

    • video_id - (Integer) id of the video this file corresponds to.

    • dataset_name - (String) Name of the dataset (should match the folder name)

    • label - (String) label of the object this row corresponds to.

    • bbox - (String) comma separated float values representing x1, y1, x2, y2 (top left and bottom right) coordinates of the bounding box

    • object_id - (Integer) unique id for the object corresponding to this row.

  • Zip this folder.

  • Upload the zipped folder to this link inside the datasets folder.

Note: In the future, will provide utility scripts along with EVA to download models and datasets easily and place them in the appropriate locations.