Milvus is an open-source, distributed vector database designed for similarity search and analytics on large-scale vector data. The connection to Milvus is based on the pymilvus library.


  • pymilvus


To use Milvus you must have a URI to a running Milvus instance. Here are the instructions to spin up a local instance. If you are running it locally, the Milvus instance should be running on http://localhost:19530. Please be sure that the Milvus version is >= 2.3.0. Below are values that the Milvus integration uses:

  • MILVUS_URI is the URI of the Milvus instance (which would be http://localhost:19530 when running locally). This value is required

  • MILVUS_USER is the name of the user for the Milvus instance.

  • MILVUS_PASSWORD is the password of the user for the Milvus instance.

  • MILVUS_DB_NAME is the name of the database to be used. This will default to the default database if not provided.

  • MILVUS_TOKEN is the authorization token for the Milvus instance.

The above values can either be set via the SET statement, or in the os environment fields “MILVUS_URI”, “MILVUS_USER”, “MILVUS_PASSWORD”, “MILVUS_DB_NAME”, and “MILVUS_TOKEN”

SET MILVUS_URI = 'http://localhost:19530';

Create Index#

CREATE INDEX index_name ON table_name (data) USING MILVUS;