The CREATE DATABASE statement allows us to connect to an external structured data store in EvaDB.

CREATE DATABASE [database_connection]
     WITH ENGINE = [database_engine],
     PARAMETERS = [key_value_parameters];
  • [database_connection] is the name of the database connection. [database_connection].[table_name] will be used as table name to compose SQL queries in EvaDB.

  • [database_engine] is the supported database engine. Check supported data sources for all engine and their available configuration parameters.

  • [key_value_parameters] is a list of key-value pairs as arguments to establish a connection.


CREATE DATABASE postgres_data WITH ENGINE = 'postgres', PARAMETERS = {
     "user": "eva",
     "password": "password",
     "host": "localhost",
     "port": "5432",
     "database": "evadb"