Installation Guide#

EvaDB provides couple different installation options to allow easy extension to rich functionalities.


By Default, EvaDB installs only the minimal requirements.

pip install evadb

Vision Capability#

You can install EvaDB with the vision extension. With vision extension, you can run queries to do image classification, object detection, and emotion analysis workloads, etc.

pip install evadb[vision]

Documents Summarization with LLM#

You can also use EvaDB to leverage the capability of LLM to summarize or do question answering for documents.

pip install evadb[document]

Additional Vector Index#

EvaDB installs faiss vector index by default, but users can also install other index library such as qdrant for similarity search feature.

pip install evadb[qdrant]

Training or Finetuning Model#

Instead of using existing models for only inference, you can also train a customized function inside EvaDB with the ludwig extension.

pip install evadb[ludwig]

Better Performance and Scalability#

EvaDB also allows users to improve the query performance by using ray to parallelize queries.

pip install evadb[ray]