Object Detection Tutorial#

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Start EVA server#

We are reusing the start server notebook for launching the EVA server.

!wget -nc "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/georgia-tech-db/eva/master/tutorials/00-start-eva-server.ipynb"
%run 00-start-eva-server.ipynb
cursor = connect_to_server()
File ‘00-start-eva-server.ipynb’ already there; not retrieving.
Note: you may need to restart the kernel to use updated packages.
Stopping EVA Server ...
Starting EVA Server ...
nohup eva_server > eva.log 2>&1 &

Download the Videos#

# Getting the video files
!wget -nc "https://www.dropbox.com/s/k00wge9exwkfxz6/ua_detrac.mp4?raw=1" -O ua_detrac.mp4
File ‘ua_detrac.mp4’ already there; not retrieving.

Load the surveillance videos for analysis#

We use regular expression to load all the videos into the table#

response = (
    cursor.execute("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ObjectDetectionVideos;").fetch_all().as_df()
    'LOAD VIDEO "ua_detrac.mp4" INTO ObjectDetectionVideos;'
0 Number of loaded VIDEO: 1

Visualize Video#

from IPython.display import Video
Video("ua_detrac.mp4", embed=True)