EVA Release Guide#

Part 1: Before You Start#

Make sure you have PyPI account with maintainer access to the EVA project. Create a .pypirc in your home directory. It should look like this:

index-servers =


Then run chmod 600 ./.pypirc so that only you can read/write the file.

Part 2: Release Steps#

  1. Ensure that you’re in the top-level eva directory.

  2. Ensure that your branch is in sync with the master branch:

$ git pull origin master
  1. Add a new entry in the Changelog for the release.

##  [0.0.6]
### [Breaking Changes]
### [Added]
### [Changed]
### [Deprecated]
### [Removed]

Make sure CHANGELOG.md is up to date for the release: compare against PRs merged since the last release.

  1. Update version to, e.g. 0.0.6 (remove the +dev label) in eva/version.py.

  2. Commit these changes and create a PR:

git checkout -b release-v0.0.6
git add . -u
git commit -m "[RELEASE]: v0.0.6"
git push --set-upstream origin release-v0.0.6
  1. Once the PR is approved, merge it and pull master locally.

  2. Tag the release:

git tag -a v0.0.6 -m "v0.0.6 release"
git push origin v0.0.6
  1. Build the source and wheel distributions:

rm -rf dist build  # clean old builds & distributions
python3 setup.py sdist  # create a source distribution
python3 setup.py bdist_wheel  # create a universal wheel
  1. Check that everything looks correct by installing the wheel locally and checking the version:

python3 -m venv test_evadb  # create a virtualenv for testing
source test_evadb/bin/activate  # activate virtualenv
python3 -m pip install dist/evadb-0.9.1-py3-none-any.whl
python3 -c "import eva; print(eva.__version__)"
  1. Publish to PyPI

pip install twine  # if not installed
twine upload dist/* -r pypi
  1. A PR is automatically submitted (this will take a few hours) on [conda-forge/eva-feedstock](https://github.com/conda-forge/eva-feedstock) to update the version. * A maintainer needs to accept and merge those changes.

  2. Create a new release on Github. * Input the recently-created Tag Version: v0.0.6 * Copy the release notes in CHANGELOG.md to the GitHub tag. * Attach the resulting binaries in (dist/evadb-x.x.x.*) to the release. * Publish the release.

  3. Update version to, e.g. 0.9.1+dev in eva/version.py.

  4. Add a new changelog entry for the unreleased version in CHANGELOG.md:

##  [Unreleased]
### [Breaking Changes]
### [Added]
### [Changed]
### [Deprecated]
### [Removed]
  1. Commit these changes and create a PR:

git checkout -b bump-v0.9.1+dev
git add . -u
git commit -m "[BUMP]: v0.9.1+dev"
git push --set-upstream origin bump-v0.9.1+dev
  1. Add the new tag to the EVA project on ReadTheDocs,

    • Trigger a build for main to pull new tags.

    • Go to the Versions tab, and Activate the new tag.

    • Go to Admin/Advanced to set this tag as the new default version.

    • In Overview, make sure a build is triggered:
      • For the tag v0.9.1

      • For latest

Credits: Snorkel