The connection to Snowflake is based on the snowflake-connector-python library.


  • snowflake-connector-python



  • user is the database user.

  • password is the snowflake account password.

  • database is the database name.

  • warehouse is the snowflake warehouse name.

  • account is the snowflake account number ( can be found in the url ).

  • schema is the schema name.


Provide the parameters of an already running Snowflake Data Warehouse. EvaDB only connects to an existing Snowflake Data Warehouse.

Create Connection#

CREATE DATABASE snowflake_data WITH ENGINE = 'snowflake', PARAMETERS = {
     "user": "<username>",
     "password": "<my_password>"
     "account": "<account_number>",
     "database": "EVADB",
     "warehouse":  "COMPUTE_WH",
     "schema": "SAMPLE_DATA"


In Snowflake Terminology, Database and Schema refer to the following.
A database is a logical grouping of schemas. Each database belongs to a single Snowflake account.
A schema is a logical grouping of database objects (tables, views, etc.). Each schema belongs to a single database.